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Customised Tours


Bus tours and walking tours are available. The itinerary can be adjusted to suit your interests.

Please note:

  • that a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for groups.
  • There is a minimum charge which must be paid in advance.
  • All transport and refreshment costs are calculated in addition to the basic cost of arranging and providing a specialised tour guide.
  • For period tours the guides wear costume.



  • Walking Back in Time
  • In the steps of Herman Charles Bosman
  •  NUMBER 4 The Old Fort.



Sir Herbert Baker’s Special Legacy: Critics agree that this architect’s finest works were his Transvaal Houses and in two hours the tour covers a delightful selection. A walk from Northwards his most romantic villa, along Rockridge Road past his own home The Stonehouse  to St George’s Church, where three of his children were christened.   Lovely gardens, lovely views and fine craftsmanship.

Sunnyside Park to The View: Milner to Cullinan, Diamonds and Power.  Walk from the gardens of Sunnyside Park now a hotel where Alfred Lord Milner ruled South Africa at the turn of the last century, up to The View, home of Sir Thomas Cullinan after whom the world’s greatest diamond is named. Going back 115 years in time this tour takes in the oldest surviving buildings in Parktown and much of Johannesburg’s early history.

Art Deco in the City: In 1933 the Great Depression was over and Johannesburg was in the mood to celebrate with a wild building spree.  Apartment blocks and a lifestyle centred on theatres, restaurants and cocktail bars changed the character completely.  The buildings soar ambitiously up to scrape the sky and the decorative detail borrows from Ancient Egypt or the American automobile. It’s fun and even in decay these buildings speak of an era before war broke out and destroyed so many illusions.

Main Street Mall.  No shops in this mall, but a few pavement café’s and restaurants. A private sector initiative along Main Street brought the treasures from old mines which speak of the mining history of the town. Many of the buildings belonged to the great mining houses and the tour takes short detours to cover this dramatic history of the City of Gold. No crime . no grime, it’s a golden pathway of history.

Art Deco in the central city area, the Main Street Mall, Marshalltown and Ferreirasdorp - details to follow



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