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Joburg Listings



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The first task the JHF undertook was to assess the buildings in the centre of town and publish these on our websites and hopefully also on the City of Johannesburg’s website.
Listing is the duty of the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Gauteng  (PHRAG) but since they have shown no sign of doing this we have taken over the task. The City commissioned a number of excellent surveys on the City Centre but they were never taken to next stage of assigning a value judgment on whether the buildings should be protected or not. We have used these reports by Dr Johann Bruwer as the basis for our assessment.
The ratings laid down in the National Heritage Resources Act are: I National significance  II Provincial Significance  III Local significance.
To distinguish our assessment from the official ones we have used A B C.
A = Outstanding heritage value – historical and architectural value such as the City Hall which is now the Gauteng Legislature.  This could also be one of  truly exceptional buildings like Patidar Mansions.  DON’T TOUCH OUR TREASURES.
B = Fine building. Beautiful and probably a good example of a period or the work of an excellent architect, with historical interest. It may also have landmark value such as Stuttafords TOUCH WITH VERY GREAT CARE, AFTER CONSULTATION,  AND DON’T THINK OF DEMOLITION
C= Good building, part of a significant group but possibly only a façade.  DON’T TOUCH WITHOUT CONSULTING US, BUT CHANGES ARE POSSIBLE. DEMOLITION WILL BE RESISTED.
So click to get to the listings. Search under street address or stand number and township. The entries cover architect, date, original owner, name or names, SG numbers and geographical co-ordinates. They also have additional information as to other recognition – blue plaque or perhaps listing for the Johannesburg Centenary in the Johannesburg 100.   
If you agree or disagree let us know on mail@joburgheritage.co.za



  1. Excellent surveys of the City Centre were commissioned by the City Of Johannesburg and three areas have been completed. Now JHF is rating the buildings to clarify that heritage value has been attributed to them. At present most are protected by Section 34 of the National Heritage Resources Act which applies to all buildings and structures over 60 years old. We can’t change the law but we can make it easier for owners, developers and the officials to decide which ones are important. The Parktown and Westcliff Heritage Trust has already rated Parktown and Westcliff, Jeppestown, La Rochelle and Yeoville. So this work is going forward as the first step in conserving this heritage.
  2. Erecting Heritage Plaques which provide the public with information on the buildings. A number of Art Deco buildings have already had plaques erected and this work will continue. JHF will need to raise funds as not all owners are willing and able to pay for the plaques. The plaques are another step in protecting Joburg’s heritage.
  3. Commemorative paving block:

We have approached the Provincial Legislature for permission to lay commemorative paving blocks in the paving around the Legislature’s precinct. This is a way of reminding people of important events in Johannesburg’s past.

  1. On-going research into the old suburbs of Johannesburg to identify the heritage buildings and places which need to retained and especially to be considered in the development planning of the suburbs. Heritage sites make an important contribution to the sense of stability and of growth as well as increasing pride in the community.




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